Best Shot Creator Build 2K23 (2024)

1. Best Shooting Builds in NBA 2k23 - NBA2KLab

  • Best Shooting Badges in 2K23 · Quick First Step · Limitless Range · Glove · Clamp Breaker · Interceptor · Limitless Takeoff · Agent 3 · Blinders ...

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2. NBA 2k23 Best Meta Point Guard Build | Best Dribbling PG - NBA2KLab

  • 27. Vertical. 82. Stamina. 99. NBA 2K23 Best Guard Builds: 3PT Shot Creator. Attributes. Position: PG - Base Meta. Height: 6'1. Weight: 196. Wingspan: 6'7.

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3. NBA 2K24: Best Shooting Guard Builds - Push Square

4. NBA 2K23 Build List - Best Builds For MyPlayer - GameSpot

  • Sep 21, 2022 · Playmaking Shot Creator is one of the best PG builds. This Point Guard build will allow your player to be effective both inside and outside ...

  • The best options for each position.

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6. NBA 2K24: Best Point Guard Builds - Push Square

  • Mar 20, 2024 · What Are the Best Point Guard Builds in NBA 2K24? · Shot-Creating 3-Level Threat · 3PT Shot Hunter (Ver 1) · 3PT Shot Hunter (Ver 2).

  • To the Point Guard

7. NBA 2K23 Best Dribble Moves - VideoGamer

  • Jun 5, 2023 · In my opinion, the best size-up escape package in NBA 2K23 belongs to Trae Young. The sharp but ever precise movements and flow that come with ...

  • NBA 2K23 MyCAREER comes with a variety of great dribble move animations. But which are best to use? Check out our very own selection here.

8. How to do the Playmaking Shot Creator build on Next & Current Gen

  • Sep 21, 2022 · How to build the Playmaking Shot Creator · Finishing. Close Shot - 56 OVR; Driving Layup - 75 OVR · Shooting. Mid-Range Shot - 86 OVR; Three-Point ...

  • We're taking a look at some new NBA 2K23 builds and one of the favorites is the Playmaking Shot Creator, which everyone loves. Let's take a look at how to put together one of the most popular builds in the game.

Best Shot Creator Build 2K23 (2024)


What is the best MyPLAYER build in 2K23? ›

Build order:
  • Speed With Ball: 84.
  • Perimeter Defense: 70.
  • Steal: 71.
  • Speed: 87.
  • Acceleration: 81.
  • Strength: 25.
  • Vertical: 75.
  • Stamina: 85.
Feb 14, 2023

How to make shots easier in 2K23? ›

Space & Spotting Up in 2k23

Find your spot and try not to move as much so your defender can't get an opportunity to help on defense. Spacing the floor allows your ball handler to drive and kick, usually leading to an easy open shot or a scrambling defense.

What's the best PG build 2K23? ›

Best PG Builds in NBA 2k23
  • 6'8. PG - Defensive Minded.
  • 6'8. PG - Offensive Threat.
  • 6'1. PG - Base Meta.
  • 6'9. PG/SG - Well Rounded.

Who has the best 3 point shot in 2K23? ›

Best Three Point Shooters In NBA 2K23

As shown by 2K, Stephen Curry once again holds reign as the best three point shooter in the game! Boasting a 38% 3PT percentage last season, he seems to be unstoppable behind the arc! Let's not forget it's an incredible 99 RATED!

What is the best shooting animation in NBA 2K23? ›

The Black Mamba has one of the most balanced jump shot animations in the whole game, and the stats and extremely well-rounded. His animation is extremely smooth and gets executed at a decent height. The additional bonus of excellent defensive immunity makes the animations work well against mismatched blockers.


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