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Reported Issues: 15 Comments

4.6 out of 5

By John Chuhran

1 month ago

Your PoS website delivers the dreaded "blinking blue balls of death" whenever I try to submit a request to re-runs stats for our fantasy baseball league ( now (since our auction was on Saturday and all rosters were filled earlier today). The lack of ability to send you a request to re-run stats is both UNPROFESSIONAL and UNACCEPTABLE. We pay good money for this website -- when there is a problem we should be able to easily contact you. This is Disgusting.

By Pete

6 months ago

Hi. Can't embed youtube video to cbssportsline fantasy football message board?? for 4-5 months once a week i would put a video on the message board with no problem.. now for the past 2 weeks it won't let me post a video on the message board?!?! .. help! . . i've tried everything .. please help me ... thanks

By Joe Scherer

8 months ago

I am having trouble linking my fantasy football team “Scherer Madness” / league ( Particularly Prickly & Portly Porcine Football League (Part II) ) managed by CBS with my Fantasypros (FFPC) website. I was able to link / sync the two site last year, but not this year. Please help deter the problem why syncing FFPC with my CBS fantasy football team is not working this year.

By Kent Callahan

1 year ago

Trying to get access to fantasy baseball to get teams but all that comes up is "create a league". Have played for many years and never had this problem before. Have tried on different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and get same message. Any thoughts on how to solve?

By James Ladon Bryan

1 year ago

For my league there is a charge to add and drop free agents. The amount each Fantasy Team spends is in the finance drop down menu. Some teams have already spent $90 for players. As the commissioner for my league, I monitor these amounts because whoever wins first place, gets the funds. Yesterday, for some reason, the "cost" amount went to zero!!!! Now, today, it reflects some crazy numbers. I have been with CBS sportsline for over 20 years. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON OVER THERE. My league is the BFFL.Jim Bryan and Der Rot Barron welcomes you toBryans Fantasy Football League

By David Baldini

2 years ago

Our fantasy baseball draft on 3/24/22 crashed 20 minutes in; can't have that with 14 adults with families who set aside time for a paid site. Unacceptable on all levels.

By Erik Burgoon

2 years ago

I have a problem where only one of fantasy leagues show up on my phone, but when I log-in at home on my computer here, my other fantasy league shows up, I really don't think that something is synced up properly, between my computer and my phone, can you please help me out, I what to make sure that both my smartphone is synced properly and my computer at home is also showing BOTH of my different leagues. These are two different leagues by the way, and with both of these different leagues, I'm using a different team name, USERID (I'm sorry). Please help me out. My e-mail address is: eburgoon81@redacted, If this e-mail address doesn't work, this e-mail address is my backup: Burgoon.Erik@redacted.I'm almost positive that both of the leagues should up as eburgoon81@redactedBut I think the e-mail address is a backup: burgoon.erik@redactedAgain this is two different leagues, that I'm in and registered with, but only one league shows up on my smartphone, and the other league shows up on my computer, both leagues should be on both devices (any devices), but again I know they are registered, or I wouldn't be getting anything on either device(s).Any questions,Erik Burgoon(419)-367-9524

By stephen calandrino

3 years ago

Not received points and pitching win for j degrom today pitched 5 full innings and got win .on 5/9/21 this is a very competitive league im in and those points will cost me the win when will it update

By Matthew Willard

3 years ago

Question I’m co commissioner fantasy baseball leg ultra competitive lg is the name my questionsShoie Otahni s hitting stats did not register in our lg last night just his pitching statsQuestion 2 can we customize the free agent for each start time of the games or once the earliest game is played it locks all the free agents till the next stat day

By Peter McNamara

3 years ago

Hi, I was charged $179.99 for a league i am not in on my apple credit card. How do i have that charge reversed? I did not authorize this

By Mary Ann Neary

3 years ago

Please help me get my old March madness team back. I had to change my email and lost all my archived years with cbs. My old email is peachespit9@redacted my new email is peachespit09@redacted.ThanksMary Ann Neary7 Katie Penny DriveHope Valley RI 02832491 538-2962Please help!

By gary bates

3 years ago

Completed the pay part of our league renewal (confirmation code 6982373) and then i could not get to the next part of the baseball fantasy league form completion. This was the Flint roto league which has been around for many years. Please help me complete the renewal process form.

By Rockchalkfan1989

This app blows

This app is so horrible I had to somehow figure out how to get the full site so I could get accurate scores/updates. The app would consistently give me illegal lineup messages when it was never illegal. Take points away when I set my lineup for the next day, the analysis of players always have statistic and grammar mistakes like they have a intern running it. Been using cbs for 14 years and it was so much better then, than it is now. The app will give you very little info, won’t even show you what that player has gotten on a weekly basis without you having to navigate and click 200 different links to search it when you immediately get it at the full site. I don’t see why it’s so complicated to have the same or roughly the same user interface than what you would get with the full site. It’s completely night and day if you were to compare the two. On top of that their mobile site is so difficult to find the full site (cause it’s trash too) it takes a blood sacrifice and my first borns social security number in order to find it. They have never heard the saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” because they constantly want to tinker with things and I can’t think of one thing they’ve done to better their service in 5-10 years. Whoever you have in charge of all this obviously has no idea what they’re doing. Just like I wouldn’t want a fry cook doing my open heart surgery.

By 5150hambone

Get Real

CBS wants to charge $150 for you to use their fantasy football app. I have used all of the other FREE systems, which are all better by the way. They do offer a free fantasy league for 8-10 team, standard, snake draft systems, which is what I set up. Unknowingly, I was in the pay for league. I invited the teams, set up the draft etc. then after the draft I see “step 4, pay for your league” $150. Anybody who’s run a fantasy league knows what a pain it can be to organize a league and set it up. I knew at that point I just wasted a lot of everybody’s time. I did inquire the “help center” hoping it just default to s free league. After the first week of the season, it locked up the app for all the teams handcuffing us for the $150 which I refuse to pay. After 3 inquiries to the help center and no response, I am going to move us back to NFL fantasy. CBS is trying to be like typical modern business. Trick you into paying for something they claim is superior and not provide any support for it. Forcing you to ask for help through email systems they never intend to respond to. I expect more from a name like CBS. On top of it, the app sucked. I thought it was clumsy to navigate, there is absolutely nothing special about it. Run like hell and use ANY of the other good apps that are FREE! Don’t waste your time like I did. What a joke.

By Shea Tunes

Outdated, inconsistent, full of errors for the past 3 years.

The only thing reliable about this app is how absolutely terrible it is. Compared to yahoo and ESPN it is a dinosaur. For example, the last version (even when updated) will constantly show lineup status on the wrong day, meaning you don’t exactly which day you’re setting your lineup for unless you navigate the day to the past and then reload it to the present day to clear the incorrect data.The lineup page shows no stats unlike yahoo or ESPN. Same goes with roster trends or probable pitchers under “research.” With yahoo I can see how my players performed for the last period, 14 days, etc.; see add/drop trends. No dice with this app.The probable pitchers data is almost always wrong. It will continually list injured, demoted, or simply pitchers who have been relegated to the bullpen in starting slots and you have to constantly check the MLB app to make sure the lineups are correct.We’ve had a dynasty league for 16 years on CBS. The web browser API is far far superior but none of those features translate into an app. But we’re at the point where we’re ready to take our business elsewhere because in 2021 you need a functioning mobile app.Believe every 1 star review you’ve read. The fact that CBS doesn’t care about this product is a joke when they were once a leader in the market. This is undoubtedly the worst, and until they care to update the API, they don’t deserve your money (or loyalty).

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