Families – Times Tables Rock Stars (2024)

With a proven track record of improving maths outcomes, Times Tables Rock Stars has the power to boost recall, fluency, and most importantly - maths confidence.

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Times Tables Rock Stars is an award-winning, internationally recognised maths programme that helps millions of children every week with their times tables recall.Since 2016, over 75,000 families have subscribed to TT Rock Stars to help their children learn their tables.

Why you may ask?

This is a programme that reaps rapid results, and thanks to the exciting gamification and rewards, children love playing it!

As Times Tables Rock Stars is available to play on mobile devices via our app, as well as our play website, your child will be able to practise at home or on-the-go, whenever suits your family.

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Children are immersed into a fast-paced, fun-filled rock star world! Any difficulty getting them to practise maths will be long forgotten!

  • Your children become rock stars, choosing their own rock name and avatars.
  • They can earn coins by answering questions correctly to spend personalising their avatars.
  • Children can play LIVE multi-player games with users all over the world.
  • Move up the rock leaderboard from a "New Artist" to a "Rock Hero".

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Not only are we maths teachers, we are also parents. We appreciate the importance of creating a programme that's easy for you to use!

  • Our question-based games automatically adapt to each child’s unique learning needs - so nothing for you to set.
  • Easily track your child's progress with the stats.
  • Use the data to identify gaps in learning and target your support.
  • Set your childa daily goal.
  • Certificates, worksheets, and other resources are available to download for free!


Our priority is to keep your children safe, which is why thousands of schools and families trust us to provide age appropriate content and protect their data.

• No chat functions.
• No in-game purchases.
• No ads.• Child-friendly interface enables children to play independently. • Children play under anonymous Rock Names.• Many accessibility functions to suit all learners. • De-clutter the screen or hide the timer to help minimise anxiety. • Data protection compliant.

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    "We've used the app for 2 years and it has made such a difference to our daughter's ability to learn her times tables. She really struggled beforehand. Thank you so much."

    Lisa RichardsonParent

    "It’s so very user friendly and feels like a game rather than yet another school work chore. My kids are eager to play to rack up reward points. I used to have to beg them to practise times tables, now they are doing it without me even asking! Yay to that!"

    Lisa LyonsParent

    "My granddaughter loves the game - very happy. I work in schools and know how much this game means to children. Would highly recommend to all the schools!"

    Debra OldhamGrandparent

    "My child loves practising in the Garage and Jamming Modes as she is learning specific tables at the moment to gain confidence. She loves earning coins and dressing up her avatar. Her times table recall is improving and she realises this too which makes her very excited and more confident."

    ParentUpton Heath C of E Primary School, England



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    Subscribe today via the website. Download the app for free and access TTRS via the app or web-browser.



    Easily set up accounts for up to 3 children. Unique logins are automatically generated for each user.



    Once logged in, your child can pick their Rock Name and customise their Avatar. Your child will have access to both single and multi player games. Learning is personalised to each user thanks to our algorithm.



    Use the stats to keep track of your child's progress and celebrate their success.



    (includes VAT)

    Paper Worksheets not included


    • Up to 3 child accounts
    • Access via website or app
    • Two free adult accounts
    • Progress tracking and stats

    ... and much more!

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    No, you don’t. If your child’s school has a subscription, then your child will be able to log in using the account their teacher has created for them.

    Please ask your child’s teacher for their username and password/pin. We apologise that we are unable to give out children’s log in details for data protection reasons.

    TT Rock Stars is suitable for all learners aged 6 years and upwards who need to learn, or get quicker at recalling their times tables and division facts.

    Yes, simply ask them to tap on the timer to hide it. They can also play in the Jamming game mode where there is no timer.

    No, however we do offer families a full refund within the first 30 days if they aren’t entirely happy with the platform.

    Absolutely! When you register for Times Tables Rock Stars you can choose how many additional child accounts you would like.

    If you need to add more children part-way through the year, you can purchase additional child accounts at any time, which will be pro-rated to your plan’s expiry date. Sign in to your parent account, then go to Billing > Purchase more accounts.

    Once you’ve completed the registration process on this website, you should be automatically logged into your family’s account.

    If not you’re not logged in, please go to play.ttrockstars.com/auth/family and log in using the email address and password that you provided when you registered.

    Each family member signs in and plays via their own individual account so that we can log their progress and achievements, as well as grant appropriate permissions and access. Family plans typically include up to three child and two adult accounts.

    To set up a child’s account, sign into your parent account, then go to Manage Users > New User > Add Child. Enter your child’s details, then click Save. Once you’ve created their account, your child will be able to sign in from your family sign in page. Click Switch User to sign out of your parent account so that your child can sign in and start playing.

    Sign in to your parent account, then go to Billing > Extend Access.

    Your family’s access to Times Tables Rock Stars will come to an end automatically after 12 months, unless you choose to renew, so you don’t need to do anything. We don’t automatically renew subscriptions.

    If you would like to end your access to Times Tables Rock Stars within the first 30 days of registering for a full refund, please email the team at [emailprotected].

    Families – Times Tables Rock Stars (2024)


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