Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2024: Sleepers by computer model that predicted Isaac Paredes' big season (2024)

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what a player needs. That's why it is wise to take a closer look at players who swapped teams in the offseason. Brewers first baseman Rhys Hoskins, Mariners second baseman Jorge Polanco and Braves pitcher Chris Sale are some of the potential 2024 Fantasy baseball sleepers who could outperform their Fantasy baseball ADP in their new setting. They're all available in the middle to later rounds, so hitting it big on one of them will help you ace your 2024 Fantasy baseball drafts.

Are those players properly valued in the 2024 Fantasy baseball rankings, and how should they fit into your 2024 Fantasy baseball picks? Before finalizing your 2024 Fantasy baseball draft prep, be sure to see the 2024 Fantasy baseball rankings and cheat sheets from the proven computer model at SportsLine.

Last season, SportsLine's Projection Model identified several top Fantasy baseball sleepers, breakouts and busts, including Rays third baseman Isaac Paredes.

Paredes belted 20 home runs in just 381 plate appearances in 2022 but he was a bit of a one-trick pony and his disastrous batting average (.205) was costly to anybody who rosterd him in Fantasy baseball. However, the model saw through a terribly unlucky .195 BABIP and predicted he'd outperform players going at least six rounds earlier in 2023 like Anthony Rendon and DJ LeMahieu. The result: Paredes slashed .250/.352/.488 with 31 home runs and 98 RBI and even finished top 20 in AL MVP voting. Anybody who followed the model's advice and picked up Paredes late in their Fantasy baseball drafts received a huge power boost in their Fantasy baseball lineups.

The SportsLine model is engineered by the same people who powered projections for all three major Fantasy sites. And that same group is sharing its 2024 Fantasy baseball rankings and cheat sheets over at SportsLine, helping you find Fantasy baseball sleepers, breakouts and busts long before your competition. Their cheat sheets, available for leagues on many major sites, are updated multiple times every day.

Any time more MLB news comes out about free agency signings, trades or Fantasy baseball injuries, the team at SportsLine updates its projections. Go to SportsLine now to see these proven Fantasy baseball cheat sheets.

Top 2024 Fantasy baseball sleepers

One of the Fantasy baseball sleepers 2024 the model is high on: Twins third baseman Royce Lewis. After missing time each of the last three seasons due to knee injuries, Lewis is fully healthy entering 2024 and could be poised for superstardom. Lewis played 58 games last season due to injuries but had a higher on-base percentage plus slugging percentage with runners in scoring position than any other player in the American League.

He finished with 15 home runs, 52 RBI and a .309 batting average last season. He's also shown power at the plate and was the fastest player in MLB history to hit five grand slams, needing only 66 career games. SportsLine's model is projecting Lewis, who's being drafted in the sixth round on average, to finish ahead of fellow third basem*n like Austin Riley (2nd-round ADP) and Gunnar Henderson (4th), making him one of the top Fantasy baseball sleepers for 2024.

Another of the 2024 Fantasy baseball sleepers the model advises targeting: White Sox third baseman Yoan Moncada. He has been dealing with chronic back and leg issues over the past two seasons, but he told reporters that he has been focused on improving his health throughout the offseason. Moncada was limited to 104 games in 2022 and 92 games in 2023, slashing just .234/.288/.386 during that stretch.

His health has been a key reason for his poor performance though, and he is looking to make a statement before his $25 million option arrives next year. Moncada hit .263 with 14 home runs and 84 walks across 144 games in 2021. He has a chance to post similar numbers this season after getting healthy, and SportsLine's model has identified him as a late sleeper at his position.See more sleepers at SportsLine.

How to find proven 2024 Fantasy baseball rankings

SportsLine's model is also high on a surprising starting pitcher who bounces back in the top 10 of its positional rankings. This player is going outside the top 100 picks but is projected to outperform starters going in the top 35 like Corbin Burnes, Logan Webb and Aaron Nola. This pick could be the difference in winning your league or going home with nothing. You can only see who it is here.

So which 2024 Fantasy sleepers should you target in your upcoming drafts? Visit SportsLine now to get 2024 Fantasy baseball rankings for every single position, all from the model that called Isaac Paredes' big season, and find out.

Fantasy Baseball Rankings 2024: Sleepers by computer model that predicted Isaac Paredes' big season (2024)


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