Little People's Matt Roloff finally moves into modern dream home on $4m farm (2024)

LITTLE People Big World star Matt Roloff has finally moved into his dream home on the $4 million Oregon family farm.

His daughter-in-law, Audrey Roloff, has posted new videos on her Instagram showing off the exterior of Matt's new modern home.



On Audrey's Instagram, she announced her kids were going over to visit "little papa's house."

The children arrived in a toy car and pulled into Matt's new driveway as Audrey revealed the brick exterior of the new home in her video.

Audrey, her husband Jeremy, and a growing family of three kids live about three miles away from Roloff Farms.

Fans took Audrey's video to an online fan forum to discuss Matt's latest move.

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One fan observed: "Looks like Matt's in the new house."

A second said: "Uh oh. I think I’m going to like it."

Yet a third added: "Definitely seems to be some nice new construction."


Last month, The U.S. Sun reported Matt would be moved into his dream home by December.

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An eyewitness told The U.S. Sun thatMatt opened up about the exciting construction process to lucky fans visiting Roloff Farms for pumpkin season during a Q&A session with theTLCstar.

According to the source, Matt invited his fans to sit for a reading of his book inspired by the family farm dog Lucy called Little Lucy Big Race, published in 2018.

After the reading, Matt opened the floor to fans to ask questions about the book,LPBW, or activities around the farm.

A curious visitor asked what was visibly under construction on the farm property.

Matt revealed he will be moving into his dream home with his fiancéeCaryn Chandler by December.

He shared: "Construction has been ahead of schedule, but pumpkin season takes all of our attention."

Matt said he originally had a farmhouse idea for the home, but ended up taking the vision in a whole new direction with a more modern home.

The TLC star said: "I've been living in the one-story home, and when I move into the new house, Izzy and Jacob are going to move in where I was."

Jacob is Matt's youngest son, who is married toIsabel Rock.

The one-story home sits on the $4 million Roloff Farms between the family home featured onLPBWand the construction of Matt's new dream house.


While Matt's dream home is getting its final touches,Jacob andIsabel have been living in afifth-wheel camper homeon a private property plot of land under heavy construction beside Roloff Farms.

Fifth-wheel camper homes can range from $36,000 to $135,000 depending on size and amenities.

The U.S. Sun previously reported that an insider said: "[Jacob and Isabel] are living there to save money and help out on the farm.

"The rest of the family doesn’t mind, as Matt and Caryn get along so well with them."

According to a second insider,Matt andCarynhelp out with the couple's 1-year-old babyMateo, as Jacob and Isabel work on the farm.

TheLPBWinsider also shared Jacob works hard on the farm and does not take his father's generosity for granted.

Jacob has been busy cutting wood, running the pumpkin farm, transporting work tools around in a farm tractor, and more.


As Jacob has fallen onto his father's good side, his older twin brothersZachandJeremy have put a bit of distance between themselves and the farm after a family feud.

Jeremy has been busysettling into his new $1.5 million farmwith Audrey and wasworking on renovationsaround the fixer-upper property in the fall.

Both Jeremy and Audrey left LPBW in July 2018 and run their ownpodcast, These Are the Days.

Zach and his wifeTori now live about an hour away from Roloff Farm in a $1 million home inWashingtonstate.

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Last month, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed Zachand Tori arenot expected to return to LPBWnext season.

The feud began when Jeremy and Zach both presented offers to Matt to buy the farm, but he refused both and instead decided to put theland up for sale.




Little People's Matt Roloff finally moves into modern dream home on $4m farm (2024)


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