Save EVEN MORE MONEY at RH Outlet (2024)

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Want an even steeper Restoration Hardware discount at the outlet? Look no further. In this guide, I will outline exactly how I negotiated my way to a 90% off discount at the outlet!

If you’ve checked out my post on all things RH Furniture Outlet, you know that there are nearly 40 RH Outlet locations and that there is a significant difference in the pricing structure for the two different tags found in the store.

One, which is an RH Sale clearance tag, decreases every 2 weeks, typically by 10%.

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The other is a standard RH Hardware tag. The prices WILL NOT DECREASE. Ever (as far as I’m aware).

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Can I ACTUALLY save more at RH Outlet?

Yes! In my experience, RH Outlet is incredibly receptive to negotiating on clearance tag items, but the success may vary depending on the store.

In fact, I have confirmation from two well-connected sources that this is true. If you speak to an associate that tells you no, ask to speak to the manager (but kindly, please!).

Don’t even ask about the other tags. They just won’t budge on those prices. I even overheard someone asking and it was a flat out NO.

(Update: A supporter let me know they were able to negotiate a regular tag item down to FIFTY PERCENT OFF! So, worth a shot!)

I have heard that RH Outlets on the West Coast are more consistent with including clearance tag items on the floor, as well as marking them down. If you see a tag that is past the 2 week markdown, I would encourage you to ask if it could be updated!

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How I negotiated at an RH Warehouse

One day while doing an outlet update I spotted a table. I noticed the clearance tag from afar and casually wandered over to it.

The price was 70% off at $1,191 (originally $3,970). Still much more than I wanted to pay, as I had a perfectly functional table at home. I left.

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I came back to that same RH Outlet location a couple weeks later and saw that the table was still there.

I had been thinking about it off and on since first seeing it, which was an indicator to me that maaaaybe I wanted this table after all. But, for MUCH cheaper.

I decided to send them an email.

How can I locate my RH Outlet email address?

While their website doesn’t have a master list of outlet locations like their regular store galleries, you can find the outlets’ emails by using their store locator. Just type in the city for your outlet of interest.

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Email #1

“Hi there! I was curious if you had the following table available and if so, how much it is priced for now? It was up near the front of the store a couple of weeks back. Thank you!!” (Sent photo of it in store)

They replied back letting me know it was still available and the current price. They also let me know when the next markdown would occur (2 weeks later).

The price of the table was now $794 (80%) off. A great price, honestly, if I NEEDED a table. But I have this frugal little monster that lives inside me whispering, “You have a free table at home.”

About 5 days before that NEXT two week markdown I sent them another email in the same email chain.

Email #2

“Hi there! I came by yesterday and noticed this table is still there. Curious if you are able to make it 90% off? If so, please let me know and I will come get it! Thank you!”

They emailed back and said if I could come get it that day they’d mark it down early- so I did!

My Takeaways

I purposely didn’t send a new email, but replied back to the original email chain. I wanted them to see how interested I was in the table.

No clue if it really played a role, but it was clear to them I was pretty interested, so they may believe me to be more serious with purchasing it and, therefore, more willing to play ball!

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I SCORED THIS BAD BOY FOR $397!!! And I love this RH furniture in my space! Curious about my cabinet? I made it! Check out the tutorial here.

Numerous (at least 10) people have told me they simply asked in the store if they could get a steeper discount and it was no big deal. They got the discount right away!

Ask to speak to the manager if there is any pushback. Success rate may vary some by location, manager, etc but definitely worth a shot to ask!

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Do I get a better discount with a Restoration Hardware membership?

A Restoration Hardware membership doesn’t technically apply to the outlet, BUT someone let me know they were able to negotiate a cheaper price. How?

Since outlet prices are determined based on non-member pricing, if you have a membership, the discount really isn’t as significant. Typical non-clearance tag pricing is around 15-20% off membership prices.

This person was able to let them know they are a member, might as well order online for the same price and asked for a bigger discount. They took an extra 20% off!!!

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What if I am not near an RH Outlet but near a showroom?

A former employee of Restoration Hardware reached out to let me know that if you are near an RH showroom, you can ask to be notified of floor samples sales!!!!!! How amazing is that?!

Does Restoration Hardware military discount at the outlet?

Yes, you can save more money with the Restoration Hardware military discount! I was told by my outlet that it was a 10% discount, but I have heard others report higher.

To get the discount, the person that served in the military must be present and have their military identification in hand.

Are you one of the many people I have heard from that have had success with this tip? Do you have another suggestion for getting a discount? Tell me in the comments!

Want to find more outlets near you? Click here!

I am an independent blogger and I am not affiliated with any company. The views and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own and based on my personal experiences and research. Information is subject to change.

Save EVEN MORE MONEY at RH Outlet (2024)


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