The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (2024)

The 7 Best Dispensaries in (and around) Chicago According to Local Reviews

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (1)

Photography by: Sawyer Bengtson

(Updated 01-15-21): *Review Scores are based on 01/2021

Chi-Town got their weed! Illinois became the 11th state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. As well, the first state to legalize cannabis by an Act of the State Legislature. This makes them different from other legal states in which they will have a special focus on social equity. This is really, really good for Cannabis. So many non-violent prisoners have been impacted by the war on drugs, especially those of the Black communities. Hopefully, we will see progress in this movement that hurt so many communities for so long.

However, a bit of a curve took place during the 1st year of legalization in Illinois. The pandemic hit and has slowed down employment and businesses everywhere. On top of that many dispensaries faced looting and vandalization during the protests/riots forcing them to temporarily close. It’s been a tough start for cannabis legalization. However, people love their weed and hit a record high of 61 million in sales in July. For the people in Chicago, dispensaries are now open for business to hopefully help quell some of these emotions with some ganja. Since we are still in a pandemic, it is best to still exercise caution and practice social distancing thus most dispensaries advise customers to make an appointment or order online. We have compiled for you seven of the best dispensaries in Chicago for you to choose from to make your deciding just a bit easier.

The Herbal Care Center

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Image courtesy of The Herbal Center

Location: 1301 S Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, United States

THC Center is the largest medical cannabis dispensary in Illinois. They have 15 dispensary locations for you to choose from, it is important to take note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is best to schedule an appointment especially for recreational customers as pre-orders are only for medical patients. They have several features and benefits, reward programs such as seniors and veterans discounts among many others.

  • Google Review Score: 4.7
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.7
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.9

Hatch (Formerly: Mindful Medical Marijuana Dispensary)

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (3)

Image by: Walkthru360

Location: 1433 W Fullerton Ave C, Addison, IL 60101, United States

Hatch Dispensary just a little bit outside Chicago, in Addison IL states on their site “Where Past and the Future Meet”. They emphasize the fusion of the future while the remedies they offer are time tested. On the review site I Heart Jane, they have a staggering 4.9/5 stars with 1300+ reviews. Customers complimented the amount of product selection alongside really good recommendations by the friendly staff. Other praise include the overall vibe and the modern interior. You can take a virtual tour of their store on Google Maps here: View Google 360 Tour

  • Google Review Score: 4.3
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.4
  • Leafly Review Score: N/A

Windy City Cannabis

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (4)


Location: 923 W Weed St, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

If you are in the lookout for recreational weed shops conveniently located on Weed Street then Windy City Cannabis is the place to go. They already have four med-rec locations and just opened a new store for recreational users last July 1. Transacting with their helpful staff is a breeze as they are knowledgeable about their products. They have a private parking lot and also offer curbside service. Their Windy City chain seems to be doing very well in Illinois, averaging a rating of 4.0+ on Google with most locations having over 200+ customer reviews. Customers love raving about buying Weed on Weed St!

  • Google Review Score: 4.7
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.7
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.9

Columbia Care Chicago

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (5)

Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune

Location: 4758 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630, United States

Columbia Care Chicago is just one of many locations part of the Columbia Care franchise. They are currently in 12 different states and they got its name featured on the news when a couple exchanged their wedding vows on their location. We suspect that couples will most likely have a weed wedding with some Wedding Cake Flower. Not only did that make them famous, but they are also known for their medical marijuana. They have over 190 products to choose from and have several promotions and prize wheel. With over 1 million patient interactions, they also have the hashtag #100million which is an initiative that supports taking 100 million doses of opioids off the streets. Columbia Care really sticks to their brand message of “Care”, because that is what most customers mention in their positive reviews.

  • Google Review Score: 4.2
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.9
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.9

Maribis of Chicago

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Image courtesy of Patch

Location: 4570 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632, United States

With their advanced, state-of-the-art, hi-tech storefront, Maribis of Chicago boasts an average rating of 4.5 stars on Weedmaps and 4.7 on Leafly. Maribis is definitely on top of the cannabis dispensary list. However, when checking out their website, we encountered many errors. Customers complained about them not updating their store hours. They have a large stock and really low prices which is one of the most praised aspects of the dispensary by the customers. With many Sativa and Hybrid strains, Maribis supplies to both medical and recreational users. Restock your stack by shopping according to their various categories and flowers. Their website also provides some great Cannabis 101 information for the new users.

  • Google Review Score: N/A
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.4
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.7

Elevele Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (7)

Brian O’Mahoney / Pioneer Press

Location: 1460 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035, United States

About a 30 min drive out from Downtown Chicago, Elevele is one of the best-reviewed dispensaries in Illinois. Elevele currently is a medical dispensary only, that offers curbside pickup and weekly deals. Regular customers go back to the place for their systematic and organized way of handling customers. Most of the customer praise comes from Elevele’s ability to find the right cannabis for the ailments. They provide a laid-back and non-rushed vibe, yet are able to provide excellent customer service and expertise about their products. Choose from several types of cannabis they offer in their well-lit and pleasant establishment.

  • Google Review Score: 4.6
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.1
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.8

Medmen Chicago

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (8)

Image courtesy of MedMen

Location: 1132 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301, United States

One of the most famous brands, Medmen has touched down in Chicago, and customers are responding well with a 4.0+ rating and over 200 reviews. Located in the Oak Park area, they offer a 10% discount for new customers. Customers gave out high reviews for the place for their cheap prices and incredible customer service. Their organized and high tech system helps speed up the ordering process to make every customer’s experience worthwhile. On top of that, they are huge on giving back, currently, they support LA Expungement Clinic, Greater Boston Legal Services Expungement Clinic, Equality CA, Feeding America, Brotherhood Crusade, CORE, and the Downtown Women’s Center.

  • Google Review Score: 4.0
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.4
  • Leafly Review Score: 4.6

Notable Clinic: Innovative Wellness

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (9)

Image Courtesy of Innovative Wellness

Location: 1552 W Fullerton Ave #100, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

With an astounding rating of 4.9/5 Stars on Google and over 550+ reviews, Innovative Wellness on Fullerton Ave stands high on the list. The locals really praise the staff’s customer service, efficiency, and expertise. They offer such help with cannabis strain consulting to medical cannabis certification for improved health and wellness. Unfortunately, with the recent protests/riots, the clinic was vandalized and looted more than once back in May 2020. However, they responded with empathy, stating

I am not mad about what happened to my business. The people who did this have suffered more than I will ever know. They deserve to be angry. We must focus on how we can help and how we can bring change. It is critical that we come together and demand equality. Black lives matter. And in today’s environment, they matter more than ever” ~Dr.Khare.

Shout-out to the team at Innovative Wellness for being a stand-up people for the community, show them your support!

  • Google Review Score: 4.9
  • Weedmaps Review Score: 4.2
  • Leafly Review Score: N/A

Other Notable Dispensaries in and around Chicago Include:

Mission South Chicago Cannabis: 8554 S Commercial Ave, Chicago, IL 60617, United States

NuEra Chicago: 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Consume Cannabis Co: 6428 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60631, United States

Midway Dispensary: 5648 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638, United States

Nature’s Care: 975 Rohlwing Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008, United States

Rise Dispensaries: 9621 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714, United States

The 7 Best Dispensaries in Chicago 2021 (According to Locals) (2024)


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