The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO (2024)

If you are looking for the perfect place to play in your neighborhood, look no further than The Bounce Place in Lakewood, CO. Our original location inside the Colorado Mills Mall has recently undergone a major expansion. Join us at The Bounce Place in Lakewood, CO for an exceptional play experience.

What Does The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO Have To Offer?

The Bounce Place in Lakewood, CO offers the quintessential play experience that is ideal for kids under the age of 10. Our indoor playground is filled with inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses, slides, interactive games, and activity panels. There is plenty of variety for every child’s interest, providing opportunities for active play, mental engagement, and tons of fun! In addition to the main play area at The Bounce Place in Lakewood, we also have designated toddler areas with push cars, building blocks, and more engaging activities that are perfect for each age group.


Outside Fun, Indoors

In today’s culture, you are much more likely to find a child watching television or playing a game on their tablet than you are to find them exploring the outdoors or creating a unique play environment with their imagination. This is a challenge The Bounce Place aims to counteract. Our indoor playground is a fun, safe place for kids and parents to come in, get moving, and have a blast! We’ve created an environment that encourages parent-child interaction, social play with peers, creative activity, and so much more. There’s so much to do at The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO your child won’t want to leave!

If you do have to leave, though, our all-day admission offers unlimited come-and-go privileges so you can pop out for lunch, head home for naptime, or catch up on your shopping and errands as you need to throughout the day.

Challenge Your Mind

In addition to the plethora of inflatables, slides, obstacle courses, and other activities, our Lakewood, CO location also features a state-of-the-art arcade for cognitive stimulation. The arcade is unique to the Colorado Mills Mall and we are excited to unveil it in 2019.

Fundraise And Field Trip At The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO

Whether you want to drop by and play for a day or schedule a field trip or fundraising event, The Bounce Place is the place for you. Contact us to learn more about special events at The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO.

Rules & Requirements

The Bounce Place prides ourselves on facilitating a fun and safe environment for kids under the age of 10 to play in. In order to do this, we have a few rules, requirements, and recommendations for you to keep in mind when you visit one of our locations.

  • Participants must be under the age of 10
  • Only children 55" or shorter are permitted on the inflatables and other play structures
  • Socks must be worn at all times
  • Children may not be left unattended at any Bounce Place location
  • Every child must have a signed waiver on file

Our staff members are positioned throughout our facilities to ensure every participant can enjoy their time at The Bounce Place.

Looking For Kids Birthday Party Places In Lakewood?

Look no further than The Bounce Place. We are the perfect kids birthday party place in Lakewood with plenty of space for even the largest birthday celebration. Invite a few close friends or everyone you know to celebrate your child’s special day. Learn more about our birthday party packages at The Bounce Place in Lakewood, CO by clicking the button.

Where To Find Us:

The Bounce Place is located inside the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood. Our recent expansion has taken us to the northeastern corner of the mall where we have over 10,000 square feet of space. You can find us conveniently situated between Yard House and Super Target. The East mall entrance will put you right at our front door.

When You Enter From…

Colorado Mills Parkway - Drive NW at the northern side of United Artists Colorado Mills 16 & IMAX. Make your way to the roundabout and park in the NE parking lot for convenient access to The Bounce Place.

Colfax Avenue - Drive SE toward Colfax Drive. Make your way to the East side of Target. The NE parking lot will give you the most direct access to The Bounce Place.

14500 W Colfax Ave

Lakewood, CO 80401

Check out the map of the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood here

Socks are required by all people in the play area. This includes children and adults. Thank you!

Pricing & Hours


Open Jump
Kids ages 3-10

Tots2 years and under



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MON10am - 8pm
TUES10am - 8pm
WED10am - 8pm
THUR 10am - 8pm
FRI10am - 8pm
SAT10am - 8pm
SUN11am - 6pm

Other Locations

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The Bounce Place In Lakewood, CO (2024)


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